When you decide to purchase a retractable awning, there are two types to consider: manual and motorized.  The main difference is the way in which each operates. A manual one is extended or retracted by turning a hand crank, while the motorized one operates by an electric motor controlled with a remote.  Although most people choose motorized, it really comes down to a personal preference as each type has its own benefits. 

Manual awnings can be less expensive than motorized ones, especially when comparing two identical awnings that are the same exact size and model.  However, it is possible for a large manual awning to cost more than a smaller motorized one, since there are other variables that factor into the cost.  If there is a need to run electricity and wiring to your outdoor area for a motorized awning, the cost could be higher. 

Although manual awnings are often less expensive, they require human effort to operate.  When you are relaxing under your awning, it is much more convenient to simply push a button and increase or decrease the amount of shade than get up to use a hand crank.  With motorized awnings, you can install a sun or wind sensor so the awning automatically retracts or extends depending on the weather.  Studies have proven that outdoor spaces with motorized awnings are used more frequently than those with manual awnings, probably because operating the awning is much easier and more convenient.

There is no correct choice when it comes to choosing between motorized and manual; you need to choose the option that is best for you.  And whatever you choose, we have the perfect awning to fit your needs! 

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