What is a canopy?

Aristocrat Canopies are the perfect way to add some style and functionality to any backyard space. Engineered from custom-designed aluminum components, Aristocrat Canopies come in a variety of sizes, configurations, colors and fabrics. They can be installed freestanding or mounted to your home or other outdoor structure.

Canopies help protect you by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun by as much as 94%. They help you save energy when attached to the home over your windows and doors by reducing the amount of solar heat gain, which lowers your cooling costs by as much as 33%. This appealing shading solution features the latest advancements in technology, electronics and engineering and is proudly made in the USA.

If you’re looking to add more flair to your canopy, Aristocrat also offers pergola rafters to give you that classic pergola look with the sleek and sturdy aluminum finish! Already have a pergola? No worries! The Aristocrat Under Pergola Canopy trolley system is also adaptable to attach directly to the rafters of any size existing pergola, providing welcome shade to this trendy structure.

  • Effortless manual pull-system or motorized options
  • Single or double layer fabric
  • Solution-dyed acrylic on bottom and vinyl fabric on top
  • Instant shade and shelter from the sun
  • Side curtains can be added on any or all sides of each model
  • Decorative pergola rafters available
  • Retrofit trolley system onto existing pergola or outdoor structure
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