Investing in Solar Shades

Solar Shades do more than provide cool shade and make your home or place of business stand out from the rest. They also:

  • Preserve and protect your window frames
  • Provide comfortable shade for relaxing in your sunroom, patio, or under your canopy
  • Help keep your home cool by blocking the hot rays of the sun
  • Protect furnishings from damage by ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Keep your energy costs down in the warmer months by blocking the sun’s heat and damaging rays from entering your home. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers states that “an awning can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent on southern facing exposures and 72 to 77 percent on western exposures.” Additionally, they can cut down glare inside the home by 94 percent!
  • A south or west facing patio can be too hot to use in the daytime during the spring, summer, or fall seasons. With Solar Shades, you can transform it into a comfortable outdoor living space that can be used all day long. They provide additional protection from the sun and can be raised or lowered as needed.
  • Solar Shade and Horizontal Shade material is impervious to weather and will last for years if properly maintained.
  • Every dollar saved on utilities has the potential to translate into ten to fifteen dollars in resale value. Solar Shades can conservatively add thousands of dollars in resale value to your home and enhance curb appeal.
Solar Shade

Retractable Solar Shades Add Value to your Home

When you invest in an exterior solar shade, you are investing in something that will get a lot of use and will pay for itself in a short period. You are increasing your home’s value as well as reducing your energy bill by cooling the inside of your home. 

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