Control the Sun from the Outside – Exterior Solar Shades block the sun’s heat, add privacy, and save energy for any business.

Studies show that the MOST EFFICIENT way to block the sun’s heat is from the OUTSIDE. Aristocrat Retractable Exterior Solar Shades block the sun’s heat, before it heats up the glass, reducing your energy bill. They also minimize glare and protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays, while adding privacy and ambiance. Aristocrat Solar Shades can advertise your business with an imprinted logo or service message.

Exterior Business Shades

Shown above, this gift shop blocks the heat with exterior solar shades that also displays their logo. Solar shades can be imprinted with your logo to draw attention to your business!

Exterior Shades for restaurants

The picture above of a popular Ohio restaurant installed exterior solar shades which blocks the heat of the sun as well as the glare for patrons dining inside.

Exterior Solar Shades, shown below on the outside of factory office windows – opens to any position and are motorized for added convenience. From the inside, exterior solar shades block the sun but not the view!

Solar Shades on office windows

Below, a commercial building with exterior solar shades, helps save energy, but doesn’t block the view of the outside. Custom designed to complement your facade, exterior solar shades make an important statement about environmental awareness and energy savings.

Commercial Solar Shades

Reduce energy costs; add privacy!

Solar shades can add privacy and block the sun’s heat while still providing visibility to the outside. Exterior solar shades pay for themselves year after year in reduced comfort and air conditioning costs, and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays that cause fading.

Unique Features

  • Exterior solar shades glide along stainless steel rods, cables, heavy duty aluminum extruded tracks or a “zipper” system to completely close the shade
  • Control how much light enters your home by selecting from one of three fabric types: acrylic exterior awning fabric, PVC coated polyester, or fiberglass screen
  • Hundreds of colors and pattern choices
  • Motorized options for joined units include common operators which control all joined shades with one push of a button – or separate operators to give you flexibility to adjust each shade independently
  • Available for residential and commercial applications
  • White, desert sand or bronze frames.
  • Available in 3ft to 16ft widths, made to order in ¼” increments
  • Remote control option available
  • BEST fabric warranty in the industry! 12 years on all 685 series fabrics


50% of the solar heat entering a room comes through the glass…accounting for approximately 20% of the load on an air conditioner*

* American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers

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