This past weekend the Philadelphia area suffered several days of heat and humidity upwards of 100 degrees. With pool water too warm to be refreshing, most people spent their time in the air-conditioned indoors, groaning about the expense of their next electric bill. What these people don’t know is how Exterior Solar Shades can help them save money on energy costs.

Exterior Solar Shades are placed outside your home, over windows, glass doors or other large expanses of glass. They filter the direct sunlight, so it doesn’t reach the glass and heat your home despite curtains or blinds on the inside. 

According to the Consumer Energy Center, Exterior Solar Shades can lower interior temperature by as much as twenty degrees on a hot summer day. Lowering your interior temperate by twenty degrees means your air conditioner will not have to work as hard, and you will still be comfortable, despite the sweltering heat outside. Exterior Solar Shades also add privacy without blocking the view. They’re the green solution for keeping the interior of your home cool while adding privacy and reducing glare. They also come in a variety of beautiful acrylic or screen fabric options so they’ll look great on your home while saving you money.

You can learn more about our Exterior Solar Shades here or view pictures here.
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