Homeowners who live on busy streets or have neighbors in close proximity often look for attractive ways to add privacy without obstructing their view. We offer retractable fabric products that do just this. Our beautiful shade applications add privacy and protection from the sun while preserving your view. Your choice of open weave mesh or solid acrylic fabric gives you the option of completely blocking the view or allowing light and air to filter through.

Horizontal Shade: A retractable fabric wall that is pulled sideways. Also known as a lateral shade, you simply pull it horizontally and hook it into a wall or floor-mounted post. With its secure-lock braking system you’ll enjoy years of safe, convenient operation. Horizontal shades also block light breezes to keep the chill off on cooler days.   

Drop Shades: Fabric shades that drop vertically, adding sun protection and privacy. Drop Shades hook securely into place and retract into their cassette when not in use.

Vario Valance: The fabric drops straight down from the front profile of a retractable awning. It adds sun protection from the low morning or evening sun and provides additional privacy.

Canopy Side Curtain: Fabric that attaches to the top of a canopy and drops vertically to create a comfortable private retreat. Side curtains can be added to any or all sides. 

Solar Shades: If your home has large windows, exterior solar shades offer privacy and energy savings. They filter the sunlight and visibility coming in while preserving your view out. 

Contact us today to learn more about adding privacy to your outdoor living space. Your local dealer will come to your home, discuss which options will best suit your needs and provide you with a free estimate.

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