Awning Mounting Options

Aristocrat Awnings are built to your specifications and can be mounted to your home in one of three ways: wall, soffit, or roof. Mounting the awning directly to an exterior wall is the most popular option, but sometimes homeowners prefer another option or sometimes a door, window, or low-hanging roof poses an obstacle. When this occurs, awning installers can use either your roof or soffit. All three options require the appropriate mounting brackets, and some require a mounting board to ensure safe installation.
When thinking about where to install your awning, consider the width of the mounting location. Fortunately, Aristocrat Awnings range in width depending on model. Our slim-fit awnings can be as narrow as 5’1, and our XLP awnings can be as wide as 23’. You can view our awning models and sizes here, and your authorized Aristocrat Awning dealer will help you determine the mounting location and awning width that will work best for your needs. They can also present another option, like a canopy or tension shade, that might work better for your home if an awning doesn’t satisfy all your shading needs.

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