10 Easy Steps to Remove your Awning Valance for Winter Storage

Retractable awnings and canopies are easy to protect during the winter – just roll them up!

But did you know that removing the hanging valance for storage during winter will help keep it fresh and clean! And it will protect it from damage by whipping winds, ice and snow.

If your awning has a hanging valance, remove it by sliding it out from the front bar. Put it in a well ventilated dry area where it won’t be bothered by squirrels or mice. Don’t store it in a plastic bag, as this will trap moisture and could produce mildew.

The only tool required is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

Here are 10 Easy Steps to Remove your Awning Valance for Winter Storage

  1. Extend the awning and remove the front bar end caps by gently pulling on the caps. If necessary, use a rubber mallet or block of wood along the edge to tap it off. The end caps are left/right specific and will only fit in their assigned side. In order to avoid damage to the tabs, pull the caps off straight, not at an angle.
  2. With the end cap removed, remove the secondary end cap. (The primary and secondary caps may come off in one piece.)
  3. Remove the two screws and two mollies (black plastic screw inserts) from the valance track. (See illustration)
  4. Slide the valance out of the front bar by gently pulling the valance until removed.
  5. Do not fold the valance, as this will result in creases – coil the valance and store in a safe spot.
  6. Do not remove the black PVC spline inserted in the top hem of the valance
  7. Replace the two screws and two mollies so they are in place when you install the valance in spring.
  8. Replace the secondary end caps, and then the primary caps, by snapping them into position
  9. Retract the awning
  10. Store the valance in a well ventilated, dry area

Store the awning valance in a paper bag or pillow case to keep the valance clean and dry. Do not store the valance in a plastic bag – this could trap moisture.

Come back to this blog in the spring – for instructions on how to re-install your valance! Thank you for choosing an Aristocrat Awning – to save energy and lower your utility bills!

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