Awnings or Canopies: Which is the best shade solution for you?

Aristocrat Awnings and Canopies protect your family, friends, and outdoor furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun. Although both contribute to energy savings by minimizing solar heat gain, they differ in design, functionality, installation, and fabric selections. With these differences, one may be more suitable for your outdoor space.

Aristocrat Awnings are designed with arms that extend from a square bar to support the fabric when open. The square bar is mounted to an exterior wall, soffit, or roof, so the awning must extend from an existing structure. Custom sizes, ranging from 5’1” to 41’, are available for different mounting areas, such as balconies, bump outs, sheds, and exterior walls. For larger awnings, additional support with a hood or tray is necessary. The fabric choices for awnings include solution-dyed acrylics from our exclusive Craft-Bilt fabric collection.

In contrast, our canopies are designed with an aluminum structure and fabric trolley unit. They can be freestanding with four legs or attach to an exterior wall or roof and supported with two legs. Custom sizes are also available for canopies, between 3’1” and 22’6”. While solution-dyed acrylics remain the primary fabric, canopies offer the flexibility to incorporate a vinyl water-resistant layer. Canopies can also be installed with or without pergola rafters for added aesthetics or underneath an existing pergola.

When choosing between an awning and canopy, consider where you want shade and how you want your shade product to look. Reach out to your local Aristocrat dealer for expert guidance in selecting the ideal product that aligns with your needs, preferences, and budget.

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