Accessories & Options for Canopies or Under-Pergola Canopies

Aristocrat offers a variety of accessories and options to customize your Canopy and simplify your life. Contact your local dealer to learn more.

Dual Layer Fabric

With the dual layer fabric option, the top layer is a vinyl-laminated 100% polyester water-resistant fabric. It has exceptional resistance to UV, water, and mildew and superior dimensional stability, tensile, and tear strength. It is made with wick and craze resistant polyester. The bottom layer is a solution-dyed acrylic fabric. 


Side Curtains

Privacy side curtains can be added to any canopy or pergola canopy on one or all sides. Use decorative acrylic fabric, or any selection of polyester solar screen fabric. Side curtains are a welcome addition to canopies over hot tubs and spas, or for townhouse decks or balconies for privacy. Control the amount of light and privacy by choosing solid fabric or open mesh. Side curtains are built into the product at the factory.

Canopy with side curtains

Options for additional shade and privacy

Solar Shades Series One or Two, Horizontal Shades or Drop Shades can be added to any Canopies, Pergola Canopies or Under-Pergola Canopy Systems. These products will add privacy and sun protection while reducing glare. 


With MyLink, it’s easy to stay in control and operate your canopy whether you’re at home or out running errands. No more worries about forgetting to retract the canopy before you leave. Just open the app while you’re at work or out with friends, and extend it to start cooling off your outdoor space before you’re ready to relax.


Rain & Sun Sensors

The rain and sun sensor quickly responds to changes in weather to create a more comfortable outdoor living space. If you need to run out for a few minutes and an unexpected rainstorm blows in, your canopy will retract on its own so it is not damaged. By automatically extending when the sun is detected, your canopy will keep your outdoor space cooler and can reduce energy costs by keeping the interior of your home cooler too.



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