Commercial Canopy, Pergola Canopy, and Under-Pergola Canopy Systems Photos

View these versatile and decorative shading structures that can be installed freestanding or mounted to your business or other outdoor structure below. Create a comfortable, shaded retreat anywhere you need one! If you have invested in a pergola for your restaurant or business, but find it doesn't provide as much shade or shelter as you need, see how these businesses solved "the pergola problem" with a trolley canopy system retro-fitted for your pergola. 

BusinessCanopy BusinessCanopy1 BusinessCanopy2 BusinessCanopy3 BusinessCanopySideView BusinessCanopyUnder BusinessCanopyUnder1 BusinessCanopyUnderwithSideCurtains BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy1 BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy1A BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy3 BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy4 BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy5 BusinessUnderPergolaCanopy6
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